Articles for the Month of July 2011

55L Thursday 7/28/11

{bilo} is taking part in the 55L Thursday sale this week.  This week there will be two items in the sale.

First is the Upper/Lower Back Henna Tattoo.


Second is the Salmon version of the Anarkali Camisole.

Drop by the mainstore tomorrow to grab these two items at 55L!


Anarkali (Pomegranate bud) Tank Release

New  release for this week as well, the Anarkali tank top!

The Anarkali tank (meaning pomegranate bud), comes in 9 colors. Each contain a pants, undershirt, underpants, shirt and jacket layers so you can mix and match with any other pieces you may have.  Hand painted with a floral design across the back. Stop by either store to check them out or see the marketplace for a variety of {bilo} items!.



Aditi Sculpted Skirt

New Aditi skirt release!

The Aditi Skirt comes in a variety of colors:  from milk chocolate to persian pink. Each skirt comes with a hand sculpted belt and underwear/pants layers so you don’t unwittingly give off a free “show!”

Above is the “Nationalist Lollipop” flavour of the skirt. Drop by either store location to check them out!


New Group Gift

Group gift time! This is the “Pakistan+India= <3 (love) t-shirt.  Join the group in world to receive this free shirt in multiple layers.

Maheen Blouse

New product, the “Maheen Blouse,” which comes in blue, pale cream, or green. Hand painted!



Bridal Henna

Just dropping in to showcase the new bridal henna!

New Henna Tattoo’s!

I’m very excited to be able to bring you all this! As a professional henna artist I’m very happy that I am able to bring my love of traditional body art to second life. All of my designs are hand drawn, and based off of work I’ve done on real life people. Enjoy!



Each come with undershirt and tattoo  pieces for easy layering.