Articles for the Month of August 2011

Free Gift

A special version of the Jamila Tank is available for free at {bilo} in honor of the opening of the Port Seraphine sim.


55L Thursday, August 25th

{bilo} has two items in the weekly 55L Thursday sale tomorrow.

Upper/Lower Back Henna


The purple version of the new Jamila release!

Drop on by tomorrow for two fabulous deals ^^


New Gatcha

{bilo} also has a new gatcha out, featuring 5 different placements for a mandala henna design. The price to play is 30L. Come on over and try your luck!


Lubna and Aditi

The Lubna Camisole and Aditi Skirts are now available on the marketplace.


The Lubna Camisole comes in 5 colors, one including a hand drawn applique on the edge seam.

And the Aditi Skirt

Visit the marketplace store or the in world store for these items.

And don’t forget to join the {bilo} group for discounts, gifts, and sale notifications!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Happy Ramadan everyone! {bilo} will be releasing a gift for Eid (in one month), so stay tuned for awesomeness!