Articles for the Month of April 2012

New Maxi Mesh Dresses from Bilo

Bilo has two new releases this week, lovely maxi mesh dresses!

Sushmita is a lightweight, beach treading summer gown that comes in 8 different color schemes.

The Kailila dress is a throwback to the days of linen gowns and garden parties, with added flair.

Kalila also comes in 8 color schemes-

Bilo Mainstore

Bilo Marketplace

Mesh Sale Ends Tomorrow and Dress Preview

The Bilo opening sale ends tomorrow. Prices will return to normal and all non-mesh items shall be removed from the mainstore location. Don’t miss out on an extensive collection of mesh and partial mesh items at L$100 each and non mesh at L$50 each!

bilo mainstore location

And here is a snippet of the upcoming Kalila dress, constructed in full mesh.

Mesh sale continues, and 2 new mesh dresses!

The 100L mesh/half off tattoo’s, and 50L everything else sale continues until the 8th!

Today we also release the Urmila and Chameli Spring dresses done in 100% mesh.

The Chameli Dress

All the colors of the Chameli Dress.

And the Urmila Dress!

Urmila colors

Each Chameli and Urmila purchase will contain an alpha and  5 different sizes (following the measurements for standard sizing). This includes XXS, XS, S, M, and L.

Each dress is L$250

{bilo} Mainstore

{bilo} on the marketplace