Articles for the Month of November 2012

Bilo-Sitara Kundan Earrings

We’re very excited to announce Bilo’s newest release, the Sitara earrings!  These earrings are 100% mesh, and fashioned after actual kundan jewelry styles.

Sitara comes in 8  gem color options.

The earrings also come in silver metal!

Kundan refers to a traditional type of jewelry originally fashioned in Northern and NorthWestern India, where the gems are set with gold between the stones. The gems most often appearing in Kundan work at uncut, so that they have a heavy, chunky appearance.

Sitara is available at the in-world mainstore location here, and on the marketplace here.

Bilo for ATW and Unhinged!

We have several items available for Around the World and Unhinged!


First, for unhinged we have the Najwa eye gacha. Najwa is 50L a play and comes with system+ mesh  eyes.


For Around the World we have the Noor skin in three tones:  Fair, Golden, and Rich.




Noor is inspired by Khaleeji (Gulf Arab) makeup styles. These styles require strong eye makeup, often in bright “smokey,” styles, and heavily painted/strong eyebrows.




Around the World