Articles for the Month of April 2013

Bilo @ Fantasy Faire

We’re super excited, as this is our first year taking part in Fantasy Faire!  We have three items in the faire this year:  The Tabasumm Dress, Warda in Gold Trim, and Warda in Silver Trim. Tabasumm is slightly Persian inspired gown, while Warda draws more heavily on European medieval designs. Each Warda comes in both the “open and closed,” versions pictured (in their relevant colors).

We also have an exclusive color of each dress (shown below) with a 100% donation to the Relay for Life charity in the store.

You’ll find us on Crimson Fields, inside the same shop as The Muses, Beautiful Freak, and House of Rain. The event runs through 28th and is being held to benefit the American Cancer Society.  SLURL to store on Crimson Fields
Bilo Rani are creations that fall under the Bilo brand of eclectic and ethnically inspired designs, yet focused significantly on fantastic and cultural expressions.

Jalwa Skins- Sonam

Bilo has branched out to a new skin brand, called Jalwa+

Jalwa is a Hindi word which means “the manifestation of beauty and charisma.” In other words, SHAZZAM, is a sufficient translation.


The first skin line under this brand named “Sonam,” has been released.



At this time there is no in-world location for the Jalwa brand. Please make all purchases on the marketplace, and direct all inquiries to Chandra Masala.

Feel free to add any images featuring Jalwa items to the Flickr group pool located here.



Jalwa Marketplace