Articles for the Month of February 2014

Apsara @ The Fantasy Collective

This month’s theme for The Fantasy Collective is “Arabian Nights,” so Apsara offers a gown inspired by Algerian kouftans.

Wafa is available in 6 colors, with two dress designs in every purchase – sash and no sash versions (example below).

Kouftans often have heavily embroidered corset/tops and draped velvet skirts in rich tones. Please feel free to demo any of our modernized twists on this traditional costume!

Teleport to The Fantasy Collective 

Bilo – Apsara – Jalwa new releases

Today we have several new releases. For Apsara we have the Ceren kaftan, inspired by traditional Ottoman costume available in 8 standard colors in the mainstore.

We also have 3 special colors of the Ceren kaftan at a discounted price, only be available at this months round of We <3 Roleplay.

Jalwa also has several releases today:  the Elif (not to be confused with alif!), eye set in multiple tone packs.

And a special toenail/fingernail “paint,” for Slink hands and feet.


These items are available at the mainstore location in world, or on their respective marketplace storefronts –

Jalwa marketplace 

Bilo/Apsara marketplace

The 3 special colors of the Ceren gown will be available at We <3 Roleplay on the 4th.

Apsara at Enchantment

For the Red Riding Hood theme of Enchantment this round, Apsara has 3 exclusive dresses and a cloak available.

The dress is available in 3 skirt options – brown, black, or white. These 4 items are exclusive designs and will only be available for the duration of the event, after which they will not be offered again.