Apsara’s Madhuri Lehenga’s

This month we have a special full release at We <3 Roleplay:  the Madhuri Lehenga. Madhuri comes in 8 colors with option dupatta (veil over the shoulder).

Lehenga/lehnga’s are a long skirt, often worn with a veil (dupatta), a tight fighting blouse (choli) or a looser kurta (tunic). They are found throughout the subcontinent, but are most well known as regional attire throughout Eastern Pakistan and Northern India, as well as in South India (though known by regional names). In many ways they mimic the styling of sari’s, depending on how the dupatta is draped across the body. However, they remain a distinct form of attire and the patterns, style, and drapery chosen are often reflective of a specific ethnic group and their culture.

The Madhuri lehenga is inspired by more modern Punjabi style kurta lehngas.

We <3 Roleplay

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